Vacuum and electromagnetic field in synergy for skin rejuvenation: A retrospective study on 217 patients

Simona Laura MD | Sheila Veronese MEng | Giovanni Alberti MD | Pier Antonio Bacci MD | Annalisa Beatini MD | Elisabetta Fulgione MD | Claudio Urbani MD | Andrea Sbarbati MD, PhD


Background: There are many aesthetic treatments aimed at combating aging. In the most common and frequently used ones there are often side effects, albeit minor ones.
However, sometimes it is necessary to use medications before or after treatments.
Objectives: To evaluate the anti-aging efficacy and application safety of a therapy
based on the combination of vacuum and electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
Methods: A retrospective study was conducted to evaluate the aesthetic effects of the treatment on 217 subjects. Before treatment (T0) and after the last session (T1), skin hydration levels, the amount of sebum present and the pH were measured. The presence of discomfort during the sessions and side effects at T1 was verified. At T1, the levels of satisfaction of the patients and of the doctors who performed the treatment were assessed. At 3 and 6 months of follow-up the aesthetic results were re-evaluated.
Results: For all treated subjects, an evident qualitative improvement was observed in the quality of the skin of the neck and face, with an increase in tone and a reduction in wrinkles. The instrumental tests highlighted a normalization of skin hydration, pH, and sebum values. High levels of satisfaction at T0 and good stability of results up to 6 months of follow-up were reported. No discomfort was referred during the treatment sessions, nor any side effects after the entire treatment.
Conclusions: The treatment that exploits the synergy between vacuum and EMFs is
very promising given the effectiveness and safety of the technique.
aging, Biodermogenesi, electromagnetic field, regenerative medicine, vacuum