V-EMF treatment of facial scar: First results

Sheila Veronese, Annalisa Beatini, Claudio Urbani, Eliana Lanza, Oscar Mosquera Paz, Yannick Saussaye, Michele Lomuto, Andrea Sbarbati


Aim of study
This is a retrospective study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the use of electromagnetic fields and negative pressure treatment (V-EMF) for facial scars, from an aesthetic and functional point of view, and considering the variations in the levels of hydration.

Material and methods
25 subjects with facial scarring were re-evaluated after being treated with the V-EMF method. The hydration levels of the scars before and after treatment were compared. The results were evaluated considering the satisfaction levels of the patients with the VAS, and of the medical specialists who performed the treatment, and of 3 independent dermatologists with the Likert scale.

Mean hydration levels of scars went from 41.8 to 53.3, with mean hydration levels of healthy reference points equal to 54.6. The minimum patient satisfaction level was 2 in the VAS. The minimum level of satisfaction of specialists and dermatologists was equal to IV on the Likert scale for all patients, except for 1 subject in which it was III for the specialist who had treated him. Anti-aging and re-pigmentation effects were also noted as secondary results.

From an aesthetic and functional point of view, and for the overall anti-aging effect of the treated area, V-EMF applied to facial scars has shown extremely promising results.