Vacuum and Electromagnetic Fields Treatment to Regenerate a Diffuse Mature Facial Scar Caused by Sulfuric Acid Assault

Sheila Veronese , Bruno Brunetti , Anna Maria Minichino and Andrea Sbarbati 



Acid attacks are on the rise, and they cause extensive and deep burns, especially on the face.
The treatments used to improve the aesthetic, functional and social impact of non-acid scars do not always prove useful for acid scars. This article reports the case of a woman with an extended, mature, acid facial scar, caused by sulfuric acid assault, treated with a recent new procedure that combines the application of vacuum and electromagnetic fields. Before and after the treatment, the aesthetic appearance, and motor function of the face and neck were evaluated, as well as the level of hydration, the amount of sebum, the elasticity, and the pH of the skin. The improvements highlighted after the treatment of the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the face and neck, and of the physical parameters of the skin seemed to indicate that this particular treatment induces tissue regeneration, even in the nerve component. However, it is evident that the rehabilitation pathways of facial wounds and scars must be personalized, and must include continuous psychological support for the patient.

Keywords: acid attack; burn; scar; V-EMF; regenerative treatment