The new revolutionary treatment for
skin regeneration: LifeTouchTherapy


The Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy is a non-invasive device for skin regeneration and works thanks to a synergy based on electromagnetic fields combined with electrostimulation and vacuum.

This synergy has shown that we can regenerate our skin by reorganizing its structure. The quantitative and qualitative increase of type III collagen and elastic fibers and cell mitosis are combined with a reorganization of the basement membrane and the recovery of melanocytes functionality.

The Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy is protected by International patents.

The Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy device provides an effective and safe treatment. Thanks to its absence of side effects and down-time, a high number of patients can undergo this treatment regardless of season and skin phototype.

ACTIVE PLUS handpiece

The handpieces equipped with Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy are ergonomic, light and easy to use. They are realized in fireproof resin in class 0 and the surface designed to be in contact with the skin is certified non-cytotoxic ISO 10993.
They combine three different forms of energy and are provided with a state-of-the-art diagnostic system.

treatment for
stretch marks

Fields of application:
Red and white stretch marks on every skin phototype.

Work program:
From 6 to 12 sessions, scheduled in advance with the BODY SHAPING
evaluation form, to be carried out every 1 or 2 a week.


  • Effective on any stretch mark of any date (1,2,3,4).
  • Effective on all skin phototypes (1,3).
  • Simultaneous reduction of skin ptosis (1,4).
  • Average filling of the stretch mark sulcus 83.55% (1).
  • Regeneration of type III collagen determined with histochemistry (4).
  • Qualitative and quantitative increase of elastic fibers determined
    with histochemistry (4).
  • Neoangiogenesis within the stretch mark determined with histochemistry (4).
  • Production of neomelanocytes within the stretch mark determined
    with histochemistry
  • Reorganization of the basement membrane (1,2,3,4).
  • Stretch mark tanning on 100% of patients undergoing a complete
    cycle of sessions (1,2,3).
  • Reduction of the tactile evidence of stretch marks (1).
  • Absolute absence of side effects and downtime (1,2,3,4).
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Bioptical analysis of stretch marks

Patient with 18-year-old striae, before and after 6 Bio- dermogenesi® sessions. We appreciate the filling of stretch marks, their tan, and the lifting of the buttock
Archives: Dr. M. Wade – Londra

Archives: School of Dermatology – University of Pisa

Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy is the only therapy able to regenerate all types of stretch marks even on phototypes IV, V and VI patients at every time of the year, as demonstrated in the case in question; even on high phototype patients the regeneration occurs in total absence of side effects and without any risk of hyperpigmentation. As shown in the images above, even on phototypes VI the stria regenerates, rises and tans with sun exposure.
In addition to the aesthetic evidence of tissue regeneration, the histological findings are also provided, which furnish proof of a perfect cutaneous
reorganization even on high phototypes.

Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy
is effective and free of side
effects even on stretch marks
on phototypes IV, V and VI.

Documented cases

Patient with white, opaque, and deep stretch marks present for seven years. After the Biodermogenesi® treatment, we can see a clear improvement of the striae, filled and leveled but perfectly tanned, which looks similar to the surrounding tissue.

Archive: School of Dermatology – University of Pisa

Patient with deep and opaque stretch marks that cover the buttocks completely; after a cycle of Biodermogenesi® sessions and the simultaneous sun exposure, the regeneration of the striae is visible, which are perfectly filled and tanned to integrate with the surrounding tissue.

Archive: Dr. Claudio Urbani – Rome

A young patient with red stretch marks presumably due to intense activity in the gym. Biodermogenesi® also allows for tissue regeneration and consequent tanning with regular sun exposure.

Archive: Dr. P.A. Bacci – Arezzo

Abdomen with postpartum stretch marks treated with Biodermogenesi
®. The striae are filled and subsequently tanned with sun exposure, the abdomen is more toned, and the navel area is reshaped.

Archive: Center of Therapeutic Excellence Biodermogenesi® – Florence

The patient with dense and complex stretch marks; after Biodermogenesi
® treatment and two tanning cycles, we see a perfect filling and the consequent tan of the striae, consequently making the imperfection invisible.

Archive: Dr. P.A. Bacci, S. Frappi – Arezzo

45-year-old patient after a cycle of Biodermogenesi® sessions.
Here we see a remarkable regeneration of stretch marks and a noticeable skin firming of the area, improved both in the profile and in the opening of the navel.

Archive: Center of Therapeutic Excellence Biodermogenesi® – Florence

Newly formed red stretch marks on a young man’s arm subjected to a cycle of Biodermogenesi® sessions. Striae have regenerated, and their color has become very similar to the surrounding skin.

Archive: Dr. G. Alberti – Palermo

Deep white stretch marks treated with Biodermogenesi®, checked after a series of sun exposures. You can see the perfect filling of the striae, leveled with the surrounding tissue and their tan, which makes them almost invisible. The aspect of the thigh is more toned and compact.

Archive: Dr. G. Alberti – Palermo

Why is Biodermogenesi®
the therapy of choice for
stretch marks?

The study with the highest number of patients documented

917 patients (1)

The study with the highest number of body areas treated

1.256 treated areas (3)

Studies with the highest number of white striae treated

993 areas with white streaks treated (3)
60 areas with white streaks treated (4)

Studies with the highest number of biopsies performed

60 biopsies (4)
20 biopsies (3)
19 biopsies (1)

The study with the most extensive histochemical documentation

60 biopsies with histochemistry (4)

The only studies that documented the production of:
> new type III collagen
> melanocytes

60 biopsies with histochemistry (4)
60 biopsies with histochemistry(4)
20 patients (2)
19 biopsies (1)

The study with the most extensive ultrasound documentation

19 patients (1)

The study with phototype IV, V, VI patients with favorable outcomes

222 patients(3)

Studies with the highest number of patients with tanned stretch mark

293 of 293 patients (3)
20 of 20 patients (2)

The studies with the fewest side effects or side effects

0 side effects (1,2,3,4)

The studies relating to Biodermogenesi® boast absolute importance for the detailed clinical data of the patients offered and the documented objective numbers.

Biodermogenesi® method boasts
1.016 patients documented
in the field of stretch mark therapy, and all of them, regardless of the dating of the striae and their phototype, have seen the improvement of their stretch marks in the total absence of side effects.

Scars: aesthetic
and functional

Fields of application:
Hypotrophic and hypertrophic scars, keloids and burn scars.

Work program:
From 6 to 12 weekly treatment sessions.


  • Filling of hypotrophic scars*.
  • Retraction and flattening of hypertrophic scars*.
  • Retraction of keloids*.
  • Reductions in fibrosis induced by scars*.
  • Reduction of skin discoloration*.
* Nicoletti G, Perugini P, Bellino S, Capra P, Malovini A, Jaber O, Tresoldi M, Faga A. – Cattedra di Chirurgia Plastica e Ricostruttiva dell’Università Pavia. Scar Remodeling with the Association of Monopolar Capacitive Radiofrequency, Electric Stimulation, and Negative Pressure. Photomedicine and Laser Surgery Volume XX, Number XX, 2016 M. A. Liebert, Inc. Pp. 1–13

Even the scars are restructured

  • In the double image scanned at T0, the healthy tissue placed at 3 centimeters away from the scar seen on the left, while in the image on the right there is the emptying and deconstruction of the scar resulting from an appendectomy.
  • At the end of the treatment, in T1, we can appreciate the structural organization of the collagen and elastic fibers of new production that recovers both thickness and the optical properties (absorption, refraction, light reflection) of the healthy skin.

Documented cases

Hypotrophic scar with irregular texture, present on the joint.
After having completed the treatments with Biodermogenesi®, the scar is more elastic and it is improved also chromatically, which makes it hardly visible.

Archive: Department of Plastic Surgery – University of Pavia

Patient with burn scar extended from the mandibular profile up to the shoulder and the breast, with retraction that determines displacement of the axis of the head with consequent reduced motility and chronic headache. After a cycle of Biodermogenesi ® sessions, we are witnessing the correct cranial axis positioning, total remission of pain and significant recovery of motility, combined with an attenuation of skin discoloration and an improved skin texture.

Archive: Department of Plastic Surgery – University of Pavia

47-year-old patient with 7-year post-surgical keloid after a course of Biodermogenesi® sessions in 2 months period. The keloid is completely regressed, the linea alba is visible again.
It is pigmented with sun exposure, consequently gained a uniform color with the surrounding skin.

Archive: Dr. P. Castellacci – Milan

In this case an extraordinary reparative action on burn scars is clearly visible. A large burn with significant fibrosis, causing pain when straightening and rotating the arm, treated with 5 weekly sessions of DERMACARE PLUS program. The 9-yearold boy has completely recovered limb motility with pain relief.
The posthumous picture was taken 4 months after the last session, during which months we witnessed a progressive regeneration of the burned tissue and a consequent improvement both on functional and aesthetic level.

Archive: Dr. S. Saracoglu – Istanbul, Turkey

Trauma scar treated with eight Biodermogenesi® sessions.
The tissue regeneration and chromatic uniformity with the surrounding
skin are highly appreciated.

Archive: Dr. Claudio Urbani – Rome

Cut scar treated with Biodermogenesi®. At the end of the sessions, it is clear the total regeneration of the scar and its tanning with sun exposure; at the same time, the quality and texture of the skin of the face are improved, highlighting a simultaneous anti-aging action.

Archive: Dr. Eliana Lanza

Keloids treated with Biodermogenesi®. After the therapy, keloids appear reduced in extent and color, much more similar to the surrounding healthy skin.

Archive: Dr. Ector Leal – Monterrey

Scar over on stretch marks, treated with a cycle of Biodermogenesi® sessions. The scar, like the striae, is regenerated and tanned with regular sun exposure.

Archive: Dr. Concetta Tiralosi – Caltanissetta

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