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Biodermogenesi® treatment method is based on Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy device and on a series of tried-and-tested protocols. Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy device is a real concentration of technological innovation.

BIO-FEED-BACK* is an innovative monitoring system of the biological effect determined by Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy. When the energy delivery starts, operative microprocessor produce the energy by taking in consideration the initial preset value. This energy reaches through the patient up to the reference handpiece, which is firmly grasped by the patient himself (A). The second microprocessor, which we call supervisor (B), verifies the quantity of the energy not absorbed by the patient and knows the real energy received by the skin tissue of the treatment area. Based on this information, microprocessor second by second changes autonomously the intensity and the frequency of the electromagnetic field (C) in order to obtain the best skin regeneration without side effects. This dual-microprocessors technology represents the highest security quality standard in the field of medical technology.

*BIO-FEED-BACK is the result of an hardware platform and an advanced software system and is the exclusive property of Expo Italia.

ACTIVE PLUS handpiece

The handpieces equipped with Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy are ergonomic, light and easy to use. They are realized in fireproof resin in class 0 and the surface designed to be in contact with the skin is certified non-cytotoxic ISO 10993.
They combine three different forms of energy and are provided with a state-of-the-art diagnostic system.

Bi-one® is an exclusive patent of  Expo Italia. | Bi-one® is a registered trademark of sole property of Expo Italia Srl.

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