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  • Expo Italia is the only producer and distributor of Bi-one® device and of Biodermogenesi® method;

  • Biodermogenesi® and Bi-one® trademarks, of exclusive property of Expo Italia, are registered in CEE territories and in the major Countries abroad.

  • Biodermogenesi® project is protected by the following patents: IT FI20060047, IT 1368203, IT 1368807, IT 1991311, PCT/EP2006/068133, WO 2007/096009, RU 2430755, IL 193510, EP 1991311, DE 1991311, TR 1991311, GB 1991311, FR 1991311, CN 101389378. Registration requests from other countries are still pending.

    Biodermogenesi® is distributed by:

    Expo Italia S.r.l.
    Via Segantini, 34 – 50142 Florence (ITALY)
    Phone +39 055 7875341
    Fax +39 055 7875349
    e-mail from Italy
    e-mail from abroad

Bi-one® is an exclusive patent of  Expo Italia. | Bi-one® is a registered trademark of sole property of Expo Italia Srl.

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